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A rifling affair

When you live 78 degrees north, there are some things that might differ from your life back home. For example, the temperature in March can be –20 ºC one day, and –2 ºC two days later. Winds can go from … Continue reading

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Mutual Friends

ONE THING that I’ve come to realise after living in Norway for two years is that: mutual connections are everywhere. For example… – I know a Master’s of Biology student studying at the University of Bergen. She is undertaking part … Continue reading

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How I Relate to Norwegians

This morning I attended a welcome breakfast for new international workers commencing at the University of Oslo. One of the presenters was a PhD candidate from NTNU in Trondheim and founder of a group called “Mondå”. He gave a talk … Continue reading

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Life as a PhD: Week One

After a Bachelor and Master’s degree and a change in countries and city, I now have what I can call a job. For the next four years, I will be working as a PhD candidate at the University of Oslo … Continue reading

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You know you’ve been living in Norway too long when:

– You get freaked out whenever cashiers try to start a conversation with you. – You say ‘back in Australia’ instead of ‘back at home’. – Road tunnels just aren’t that exciting anymore. – You remember the last time you … Continue reading

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Norwegian cards: at a glance

Today I’ll be writing about different types of cards you can find in Norway and what they are used for! Library card: Registration is free and easy, and you receive a card ready for use straight away. One cool thing … Continue reading

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Blue Hour

The days are shortening and the snow has fallen. At night you feel a sense of cosiness when looking at all the bright-lit houses dotted along the mountainside, and the snow which surrounds them. Currently at around 4 PM, the … Continue reading

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