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How I Relate to Norwegians

This morning I attended a welcome breakfast for new international workers commencing at the University of Oslo. One of the presenters was a PhD candidate from NTNU in Trondheim and founder of a group called “MondÃ¥”. He gave a talk … Continue reading

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The Four Corners of Oslo

Yesterday, I went to Oslo to view four potential places as part of my house hunting quest. At least for Norway, the capital city is a huge hub, with a large network of trains, light rails, trams and busses. The … Continue reading

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Reverse Culture Shock

Before I begin the next stage of my life in Norway, I have decided to take a short break and rest in Australia for the next month. While it’s nice to be back, I often find that being away from … Continue reading

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Norwegian Dialects

One thing which sets the Norwegian language apart from many other languages is dialect. Norwegians often ask me if we have dialects in English, to which I say no (this might be linguistically incorrect). I say this because English dialects … Continue reading

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