Unfinished Business

It’s amazing what can happen in just one week. One week ago I was searching for a place to live in Oslo, and one week later I now have a place that I can call home. After viewing four properties in Oslo, I decided to call back the owner of the apartment in Grønland and this Friday I will be bidding my goodbyes to Bergen. I hope Oslo is ready for me.

In the meantime, I am spending my final few days in Bergen with friends and ticking off some items left on my Bergen bucket list. One of those items includes hiking one of the seven mountains of Bergen: Damsgårdsfjellet.

Damsgårdsfjellet is 284 m tall and lies southwest from the city centre. The end of summer weather brings bright green environments and the cool early autumn keeps the colours verdant and fresh. Rocks are wrapped in wreathes of moss and grass, and mushroom sprouts of scarlet and pale white dot the forest floor. Few flowers from spring linger now, but most of what remains are decorated in shades of lilac and violet.

IMG_9254At the peak of the mountain the tree line vanishes, revealing a panoramic view of neighbouring mountains, the city and the seas that lies beyond. The overcast weather shrouds the distant hills in a grey haze and a strong, bone-chilling wind blows through the lingering grass and bald rocks, foreboding the wintery days yet to come.

IMG_9232When you turn away from the city and face the mountainside, you hear nothing but the wind howling against your ears, rustling trees, and the sound of your own footsteps and breath. If I didn’t know any better, I could almost imagine myself standing in the middle of nowhere, away from everything that is, everything that was and everything that is yet to come. Being surrounded by natural scenery and feeling isolated from the city life is one of my favourite reasons to go hiking in Bergen.


Early autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, as it represents change and new beginnings. For me, in this case, it means life in a new city, the starting of a new job with new people and faces. Until I leave, I hope to fulfil what remains of my unfinished business in my last few days and remember why I have come to call Bergen my home these past two years.

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