House Hunting

And so, the hunt begins! I am in the process of moving from one Norwegian city to another, and moving house never comes without challenge. How do you transport all your household items? Where do you go searching for a place? Will I find a place?

Last month, I accepted an offer for a PhD Research Fellowship at the University of Oslo, and there I will continue my studies in the field of ecotoxicology. The project there will combine facets of toxicology, ecology, environmental, climate change and Arctic science all into one, shiny gem. I am really excited to see where the job will take me and plan to post more about it once I flesh out the project’s details.

But for now, I must move. I am not very familiar with the process in Australia, partly because Bergen is the first place I have lived out of home. In Norway at least, one of the best websites to find property is through It is closely equivalent to Australia’s gumtree website and in Norway, lessees will publish advertisements detailing rooms, apartments or houses for rent. Details include rental fee, deposit (a bond), period of availability, what the rent includes, what it doesn’t, whether the property is furnished, and a description of the property. Advertisements can be lengthy and sometimes include information about the tenants, the type of people the lessee seeks, and what transport might be in the vicinity.

banner1Another option of finding a place is by posting an advertisement of yourself online. This can be done through or another site, called Users post an advertisement about themselves, what they are looking for and clients can contact them about with information about property on offer. Some people opt for this as a passive approach, a bit like fishing if you will.

banner2banner3For me, I have adopted a two pronged-approach: I have placed an advertisement of myself on as well as actively contacting lessees on So far, I have had more luck contacting people than being contacted and actually have a viewing in Oslo tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it is the place to be.

Once you contact a lessee, they will often arrange an interview (either over the telephone, but preferably in person) to find a little more about you, what kind of person you are and whether you will make a good fit in the household. Sometimes they might request references (of other people you have previously lived with) and even proof of income. If all proves well, you will receive a contract!

In my case, time will tell. So far I am enjoying the game, and perhaps my prized abode lies beyond tomorrow.

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