Norwegian Water

Today I stumbled across a surprising product at the supermarket. No matter how far away I am from Norway, the country still finds ways of making an appearance in one way or another. Today it presented itself in the form of water.


Voss Water is a brand of Norwegian water that comes from the town of Vatnestrøm in Southern Norway. The company entered the retail market in 2006 after supply to exclusive hotels and restaurants became less demanding. The product is now sold across the world, with headquarters in Oslo and in New York. Voss Water has been sold in Australian supermarket shelves these past few years, available in both glass and plastic.

Source: Google Maps

Map of Norway with Vatnestrøm marked in red. Source: Google Maps

Supposedly the water is sourced from an aquifer: an underground layer of rock that can store water and in effect, contains groundwater. Voss Water boasts this water comes from “the pristine natural environment” and so is “is free of contact with the air and other pollutants”. On the other hand, Norwegian media has reported that the water has the same source as tap water from the surrounding area. You be the judge.

Nonetheless, I prefer Norwegian tap water to Melburnian tap water. So regardless of where Voss Water is from, I’m just happy to have Norwegian water by my side!

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