Reverse Culture Shock

Before I begin the next stage of my life in Norway, I have decided to take a short break and rest in Australia for the next month. While it’s nice to be back, I often find that being away from my home country for so long also comes with many surprises. These include reverse culture shocks—things that once were a part of everyday life now seem absurd or alien.

– Why does everybody pay by cash?

– All the fruit here looks like they’ve been pumped with steroids and polished with elbow grease. Apples are nearly twice as large here as those in Norway!

– Who in their right mind would want to buy 1 kg of instant coffee in a giant tin?

– When people ask me how I’m going, I start to tell them and they quickly lose interest. Why did they even ask?

– Why isn’t my house insulated from the cold winter weather? Isn’t that illegal?

– Why is that car on the right-hand side of the road?—no wait—it’s driving on the wrong side.

I’m sure I’ll get used to things here, but in these past few days I have frequently surprised myself with how accustomed and comfortable I have become to the Norway life. I wonder what else will surprise me during my stay here.

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1 Response to Reverse Culture Shock

  1. Are more than 7 years in Norway your observations about Australian life seem to be spot on. The one about the 1 kg tin of coffee had me in stitches! I visited my mum in winter last year and she said, quite seriously, “Poor you, it must be dreadful in Norway in winter”. This was when she was rugged up under a blanket in the lounge and had finally turned the electric heater on. It was 5 C that day and the inside temperature was 9 C. Those kind of indoor temperatures should be illegal!

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