Achievement Unlocked: Master of Science

I’ve done it. I’ve mastered Science! But I haven’t mastered Norway yet.

This past month has been tumultuous and full of surprises. I submitted my Master’s thesis on Monday the 2nd of July and presented and defended my work on the 18th. I am very pleased with my final result and have been able to celebrate with all my friends.

And as with every chapter, every story, every book, there must come a close. A final curtain call. With the finishing of a Master’s degree comes the unfurling of sails that become filled with winds representing hope and possibility. And thus, friendships set sail. Not in the sense of bonds and connections, but more in the literal meaning of word friend-ship. My friends have boarded new ships and now embark on their own journeys, headed in different directions. Some have returned home to their family, others will travel overseas. Some will stay in Bergen and here I stand, on my own deck, watching all my friends sail off beyond the horizon.

What do I do? Now I must make a choice. As this chapter of my life comes to a close, a new one begins. Ahead of me lie pages ready to be inked with stories of excitement and suspense. Plot twists and new discoveries. Do I stay in Bergen? Or do I move elsewhere? The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for certain—I’m still yet to unravel the enigma that is Norway and here is where I have decided to remain. For mastering Norway is what I set out to achieve and this I shall pursue beyond life as a Master’s student.


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