Norwegian cards: at a glance

Today I’ll be writing about different types of cards you can find in Norway and what they are used for!


Library card:
Registration is free and easy, and you receive a card ready for use straight away. One cool thing about this card is that you can use it at most libraries in the country, making borrowing and returning a very straight forward process. On holiday in Oslo and need something to read? Not a problem, just bring this card to the library there and any book is yours.

Bank card:
Unlike EFTPOS, debit or credit cards in Australia, this card is is the main form of payment for any type of transaction in Norway. Regardless of the cost of your transaction, most people pay with cards in Norway, whether it be for buying a cup of coffee or drinks at the bar. Withdrawing money from any ATM is free, even at convenience stores (now that’s convenient)! Shops don’t mind the use of cards and cash is more of a hassle than anything, which means less change to carry around.

Tax card:
In Norway, you receive a tax card at the start of every year (financial year begins in January) specifying your rate of taxable income. In Norway, the tax-free threshold is around 40,000 NOK (approx. 7,000 AUD). You give your tax cards to employees during the period you work for them. You can own up to two tax cards at any given time, with the second often having a higher taxable rate than the first. Cards can be swapped between multiple employees within the year, so long as information on income is filled on the back of each card used.

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