A Sweet Review

In Australia, lolly is the slang word used to describe candies, sweets and confectionary. In this sweet post, I’ll be telling you about my favourite types!

Lollies are normally 12.90 NOK per hectogram (100 g) at stores and so I only purchase them when they’re on special for 6.90 NOK per hg. I’m not a big fan of liquorice or chocolate pieces, so what you’ll see is my special mix of preferences.

Sour skulls (sure skaller) are split into two yummy flavours of lemon and strawberry. They’re so sour that you don’t really taste the fruits until the end.

IMG_8294.Sure skallerSour cherries (sure kirsebær) contain edible stalks that are soft and easy on the teeth (if that’s possible with lollies)! They taste like glazed cherries with a bit of sour thrown in, but not as much as the skulls.

IMG_8295.Sure kirsebærBubblizz are the chewiest of the lollies on this list and taste like a strange mix of raspberry and blueberry soda.

IMG_8296.bubblizzSour bananas (sure bananer) are probably my favourite type of lolly you can get in Norway. They don’t taste like bananas per se (maybe towards the end) but more like a sour marshmallow. But they’re not as sticky as marshmallows and take a little longer to chew because of that initial sour burst.

IMG_8298.sure bananerCrocodiles (krokodiller) are also quite popular in Norway. The black ones don’t really taste like liquorice, and the white bits underneath both colours has a yum milky flavour.

IMG_8300.krokodillerBonbon mix is a tough ball of sugar that can last for a while if don’t chew on it. It’s drier than other types of lollies, but your tongue doesn’t care so long as it gets to enjoy the lolly’s sweet, muskier flavour.

IMG_8301.bonbon mixStrawberry fish (jordbærfisk) fortunately don’t taste like fish, but they have a very mild fruit flavour and are very easy to chew. Perhaps too easy.

IMG_8302.jordbærfiskAnd of course, where would we be without coke bottles (cola flasker)?

IMG_8304.cola flaskerAnd one more for the road. Peaches (fersken) really do taste like their namesake, and they’re soft and easy to finish within seconds.

IMG_8305.ferskenNow you know what’s coming next time I decide to share my bag of Norwegian lollies with you. I hope you enjoyed my sugar-coated post and have a sweet day!

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