Student elections – a Norwegian perspective

I was dreading it.

After some unpleasant memories of a rather ‘in your face’ annual campaign at my former university, I was again reminded of this period over the past week. I received some e-mails in my Norwegian university account telling me that elections were up and coming. At first I was a bit sceptical, but then I decided to look further into the matter.

The voting webpage at the University of Bergen

The first thing I noticed that differed from my home university is that students here are not only electing for members of the student parliament or the university board. But there’s also the opportunity to vote for a rector, a role dedicated to the legal representative of the Norwegian university. A Vice Chancellor, if you may, but somebody who is more affiliated with student and public affairs. For example, I have seen the current rector frequent guest lecture events.

I was quite fascinated by this, so I decided to cast my vote online. The webpage even gave you the option to cast a blank vote.

Turns out voting wasn’t so bad after all!

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