Hunting for the Northern Lights

So in this past week, people have reported (and photographed) sightings of the Northern Lights as far south as Bergen. This is quite rare, since the band of the aurora rarely extends so far down. But since I kept hearing people (including friends) sighting them, I thought it would be worth the time trying to find them myself!

Tonight I equipped myself with my camera, lens and monopod. Then I put my skills of night and time-lapse photography all in one bundle and gave myself a challenge of sorts. This is the end result. Time-lapse is fun, so I hope to generate some longer sequences in the months to come!

Looking north from Nordnes, Bergen

Northern Lights? You tell me.

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1 Response to Hunting for the Northern Lights

  1. Nicky says:

    Awesome time-lapse danny! PS. I’ll try and find you on Skype this weekend sometime :)

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