The End of a Volume

I like to think that my life can be represented by a thick volume of dusty, musky smelling books, where each chapter represents a certain part of me. What you are reading now are the last few pages of a volume about to end, eclipsing all that is to come. I hope that you enjoy this final chapter and choose to continue reading the upcoming edition of my life that will be.

Over a year ago, I came to learn about a country far from home, far from anything I had ever known. But first, the day where everything changed.

It was a cool, slightly overcast day in the early month of May, where I nervously sat on a cold bench in a park within the city. I was reading some notes I had jotted down in a notebook to help prepare myself for an interview in the coming hour. The position I was applying for was graduate based and with one of the big oil companies in this world. It was something I wanted quite badly.  I was one of four candidates remaining for the position, and I thought I had completely prepared myself for anything that the interviewers would throw my way. Unfortunately, I had only done a few hours of preparation and rode more on the idea of hope, where I assumed that everything would fall into place. But alas it was not meant to be.

A few hours after the interview, I would meet somebody who would unwittingly influence my life to its next turn.

From there, a curiosity welled up inside me and grew to an unbelievable volume. I was in my final year of study and after failing to land any graduate jobs for the following year, I felt postgraduate study was something I wanted to pursue next. I decided to investigate programs overseas and found a few which really looked worth applying for. One thing led to another and I began taking an interest in a particular country, its culture and language. I started to read language lessons on the internet, and frustratingly attempted to read news articles and speak the language by myself. Eventually I realised that classes were the way to go, and so began my slow but sure relationship with the country I would later apply to study in.

A year has since passed. I have now been accepted into a Masters program to that country which had captured my heart so many months ago. That country was Norway. To me, it almost feels like a lifetime since that very day I met that person from that country so far away. That country which would turn out to be the setting for my next volume. That volume which would form the very premise for this blog.

How does it start, how does it end?

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

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